Kevin Durant Expects Derrick Rose to Return ‘Stronger and Better’

by October 24, 2012

Kevin Durant is cheering on Derrick Rose as he recovers from knee surgery, and the Thunder superstar thinks Rose will be back to his old self (and perhaps, even better) once he returns. From the Oklahoman: “Add the three-time reigning NBA scoring champ among those not counting out Chicago star Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant said the Bulls point guard, who mangled his knee in last year’s playoffs, will soon be back and better than ever. ‘I know he’s going to get back stronger and better,’ said Durant. ‘I’ve been praying for him, of course. And I’ve been watching the (workout) videos online, so I’m sure he’s going to have a really, really nice comeback here for the Bulls and be at full strength.’ Durant said he expects Rose to benefit from a stringent workout regimen. ‘I think he’ll be better,’ Durant said. ‘With all that weight training he’s doing, strengthening his body and his core, he’s doing everything he needs to do.'”