Kevin Durant: ‘You Got To Give Isaiah Thomas Some Time’

by January 16, 2018
isaiah thomas kevin durant

Kevin Durant says that it will take “some time” before Isaiah Thomas gets “into a comfortable groove” with the Cavaliers.

Speaking to the media after the Warriors’ 118-108 win, Durant added that the Cavs are a “much better than they are now” (starting at 2:06):

How different are the Cavs, playing against them now?


KD: “You still can’t tell. IT is just getting back. He hasn’t played in 7 months, so you gotta give him some time. I know exactly how that feels.” […]


“I know it’s going to take a while to get into a comfortable groove here. It’s a new system for him.


“So I don’t think this game was any indication of what’s going to happen with this team down the line.


“They’re much better than they are now, and we all know that.“

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