Kevin Durant: Pacers ‘Gave [Paul George] Away’

by August 28, 2017

The Pacers simply gave away Paul George to the OKC Thunder, according to Kevin Durant.

George doesn’t get the respect he deserves, says Durant.

KD isn’t the first NBA voice to criticize Indy for what it got in return for the All-Star forward.

Per The Ringer:

What about PG to OKC?


Durant: “That was a shock too.”


PG was one of your favorite opponents.


Durant: “Oh yeah. Yeah. Any 3-man that I feel — all the 3s that play my position. That’s the only players I’m really rivaling with. Like, I don’t rival with no other players. I’m not guarding a point guard all game, or guarding shooting guards or power forwards. I’m looking at only small forwards, so that’s why I’ve got so much respect, and I think Paul George is so good. A lot of people disrespect him. Because I play against him and I respect my position.


“So that was shocking because Indiana just gave him away. And I ain’t think OKC would even think about giving up anything to trade for him. I didn’t think they would do it, but that was a ballsy move.”

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