Kevin Durant Played Flag Football With Strangers Last Night

by November 01, 2011

The NBA lockout is slowly driving Kevin Durant batty, and he was bored enough last night to ask to join in on a random flag football game. The blog Pistols Firing captures the scene: “So imagine you’re headed up to the intramural fields in Stillwater. Your 2-2 team with the not-as-witty-as-you-think name is playing the Sigma Nu B team. Winner goes to the playoffs. It’s a Monday night, Halloween, the real football team is 8-0, the campus is alive. You’re couldn’t be more excited about the 60-degree weather and smattering of friends and girlfriends sure to be there. You warm up, get your flags on, win the coin toss, come out for the first drive, and get things rolling. You score first, they answer, you get the ball back 10 minutes into the first half, look up across the field, and all of a sudden Kevin Durant is staring back at you playing free safety for the other side. Wait….what?! Who?! And all of a sudden, 500 people are gathered around the field like Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon have just decided to throw a squad together. Well, that’s what happened in Stillwater on Monday night … You know, just your average multimillionaire playing a flag football game with a bunch of giddy 20-year old guys on a late-October Monday night in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Most of the rest of his colleagues are probably out at posh Halloween parties, and who could blame them? That’s what we would do if we were multimillionaires. KD though, I think we want to believe he’s different. And whether he is or not doesn’t much matter to the 6 dudes on his team and 7 dudes playing against him. They’ve all got an all-time story to tell their friends. The guy owns Oklahoma right now, and nights like this are the reason why.”