Kevin Durant on Haters: ‘I Really Don’t Give a Damn What People Got to Say’

by December 08, 2014

The League’s reigning MVP is still working his way back to peak form since suffering a broken foot in the preseason. And while some criticism of his—and the Thunder’s—slow start has subtly been thrown his way through the media, Kevin Durant says he could care less what people say. “I really don’t give a damn,” he said after an OKC win in Philadelphia on Friday night. More, from Michael Lee of The Washington Post:

Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, doesn’t want or expect to get a pass with his eighth season starting at a decided disadvantage after he suffered a broken right foot in the preseason, Russell Westbrook broke his right wrist on opening night, and the Thunder piled up more devastating injuries than wins in the season’s first six weeks.


“I really don’t give a damn what people got to say,” Durant said. “I really don’t care if they cut me slack or they don’t. I’m not looking for no sympathy from nobody. I’m not looking for no praise from nobody. It’s all good, either way with me. I just look for respect from teammates as a player and as a man. That’s what I want. All that other stuff, I learned how to tune that stuff out and not worry about. I used to think about it. ‘Are they going to cut me slack? Do they love me if I play this way.’ I really don’t give a damn.”