Kevin Durant Studying DeMar DeRozan’s Footwork

by August 28, 2017
kevin durant studying demar derozan

Always looking for ways improve his game, Kevin Durant said that he’s been studying how DeMar DeRozan uses his footwork to beat defenders.

While guesting on the Bill Simmons Podcast, Durant called his former Team USA teammate’s footwork “the best I’ve seen in a long time” (starting at 38:22):

“DeMar DeRozan probably got the best footwork I’ve seen in a long, long time.


“I’ve been trying to watch him to see how he does it. He’s just way more athletic than I am, first of all, so his body can move a little different, but his pace is amazing.


“He a guy I’ve been studying lately just because of his footwork. Every time I see him, I just try to look at his body moments and his footwork.


“I think that’s where I can get better—just trying to beat my defender just a little bit. Not just off of length and athleticism, but footwork.”

Which player has the best footwork in the NBA? Let us know in the comments.

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