Kevin Durant Sued Over ‘Durantula’ Nickname

by June 21, 2012

Guitarist Mark Durante is suing Kevin Durant over his nickname, claiming that the OKC Thunder superstar forward jacked the moniker. Per TMZ: “Durant was sued today in Federal Court by a guy named Mark Durante — a guitarist who, according to the lawsuit, was a big deal in the 80s playing with Public Enemy, The Aliens, The Next Big Thing, and The Revolting Cocks. Durante says he adopted the name ‘Durantula’ for his ‘on-stage and performance persona’ — and has used it to market ‘music, recordings, apparel, t-shirts, guitars, and related merchandise.’ […] Durante claims he sent KD’s people a couple letters “demanding they stop using the nickname” — but says Durant’s reps claimed he wasn’t using it. In the suit though, Durante claims Nike has used the moniker to launch a shoe campaign — and KD himself signed ‘Durantula’ on basketballs that are for sale through his website. The guitarist says he registered the ‘Durantula’ trademark. He’s suing for damages and an injunction stopping KD from using the name.”