Kevin Durant Told Stephen Curry To ‘Get In His Bag and Be Aggressive’

by January 29, 2017

Stephen Curry has been having a “down” year compared to his previous two MVP seasons. But in last night’s rout of the Clippers, Curry looked like himself again, hitting nine 3-pointers, including a buzzer-beating halfcourt heave at the end of the second quarter, to finish with 43 points.

Much has been made of the dynamic between Curry and Kevin Durant and KD has been reminding Curry to “play your game” and that KD will adapt and “figure it out.”

More from ESPN:

“I just said to him, ‘Don’t worry about me,'” Durant told ESPN of his ongoing dialogue with Curry. “I said, ‘Just play your game. I’ll figure it out. I’ll figure it out around you. You’re the engine of this team, and I know that. I’m not trying to come over and feel like everything just revolves around me. Just do you, man. I’m going to play around you. I’ve played this game long enough. I know how to score. I know how to find the ball. Just go out there and play your game.’ And that’s what he’s been doing.”

Durant’s dialogue seemed to work and Curry said that KD’s words only help with “chemistry and camaraderie:”

“For lack of a better term, he said I need to get in my bag and be aggressive,” Curry told ESPN of Durant’s message. “That back-and-forth dialogue is where you build chemistry and camaraderie to get through the season. You understand what each other needs to hear. It was not a come-to-Jesus meeting; it’s just being locked in, observing what’s going on and having each other’s back. You need that encouragement along the way.”

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