Kevin Durant Willing to Train With Hakeem Olajuwon

by September 10, 2013

The Dream may soon have another superstar NBA client for his famed low-post training sessions. While in Spain on Nike business, Kevin Durant was asked about Hakeem Olajuwon’s belief that he could benefit from some tutelage on the block, and KD said that he’s willing to learn from the best. Per Fernando MartΓ­n: “At a press conference held in the only House of Hoops store in Spain, I asked ‘Durantula’ about Hakeem Olajuwon’s wish to help him improve his post game, as said in an interview with This was his answer. ‘I don’t know. At this point there’s only one Hakeem Olajuwon. I don’t know how much he can really help me but of course I watched him as a kid and I watch films of him now. I just try to take some stuff out of his game and put it to mine’s, but it’s so hard to try to be like Hakeem Olajuwon. But I’m up for anything. I’m looking forward to learning from anybody, so… We’ll see.'”