Kevin Garnett Compares Shaq to Fresh Laundry

KG has let it be known that O’Neal has had a positive effect on him personally this season, and he took it a step further when talking to reporters in Atlanta on Monday night. From the Boston Herald: “He likened the 38-year-old O’Neal’s presence to, well, fresh laundry. ‘Shaq is like paradise, man,’ he said. ‘You ever wash your sheets and then go outside and hang them out, and the sun dries them? You ever smell the sheets? That’s what Shaq is, Shaq is like,’ Garnett said before breathing in deeply, like he was inhaling fresh air. ‘I don’t want to give any products any tags right now, but you know what I’m saying. For anybody who’s ever hung out clothes, they know what I mean.’ O’Neal’s assessment of this new working relationship is more businesslike, pragmatic. Both aging big men are clearly feeding off each other this season. Both have talked about the remarkable decrease in double teams when they get to play in tandem.”