Kevin Garnett: Heat vs Celtics a ‘Soap Opera’

by October 20, 2010

KG’s soap opera game is strong, word to “Days of Our Lives”. WEEI has the quotes: “That game will be played next Tuesday night at TD Garden as LeBron James makes his official debut with the Heat, along with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. ‘I think with the anticipation [after] our exiting the finals last year and then with the new additions to Miami, they overly hyped the game,’ Kevin Garnett added. ‘Yeah, I can see this has a lot of episodes, a lot of drama, if you will. It will have a lot of soap opera feel to it. Days of Our Lives, Another World, Santa Barbara. My grandmother was a big, big soap opera fan so it was either go outside or sit in there with her so I know that schedule quite well.'”