Kevin Garnett ‘in Awe’ of Brook Lopez

by October 10, 2013

According to Kevin Garnett, he’s never played alongside anyone with the combination of skills and size that teammate Brook Lopez possesses. KG says he’s in awe of his new partner on the block. Per Newsday: “‘I’m just in awe a little bit, just being honest with everybody,’ Garnett said after the retooled Nets’ 111-106 win over the Wizards in their preseason opener Tuesday night. ‘His skill level is impressive and I haven’t been around a skill level like that versus playing [against one] I don’t think ever. So, this is an adjustment for me. I’m just making sure I’m keying in on that and making sure the two of us is on the same page. But impressed. Impressed is the word that jumps right out.’ Garnett’s praise for Brook Lopez was effusive just before training camp even tipped off last week, underscoring how happy he is to be teamed down low with the Nets’ 7-foot All-Star center. But 12-plus minutes on the court together, along with Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson, on Tuesday really had Garnett pondering the possibilities of this potentially dynamic duo. A lengthy adjustment won’t be necessary in his eyes. ‘Not long at all,’ Garnett said. ‘Both high basketball I.Q.’s, both unselfish guys. It’s cool.’ […] ‘Our team is just so fortunate when you look at our starting lineup,’ Lopez said. ‘It could come from anywhere any night. It depends on whoever gets going. They have to respect everyone on the floor and we play through that person. So, we can score and those same players are unselfish, and great team players and move the ball well. It’s a great situation for us.'”