Kevin Garnett is Prepared to Die for the Boston Celtics

by May 14, 2012

When he’s in a good mood, there’s arguably no better interview subject in the NBA than Kevin Garnett. He dropped his latest gem during a chat with WEEI. (Via SRI, Celtics Town): “How tired he was at the end of the game against the 76ers: ‘I’d die out here if I had to and that’s real talk. I’ve been doing this for a long time and ways where I know how to conserve energy and get ‘em at free throw lines and when guys are shooting free throws, those are valuable seconds for me. When I train in the summer I train for a lack of, and when I say that, I mean rest. I program my body to recover as quickly as it can. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a cerebral player these days and I know how to buy myself time on pick and rolls and stuff like that, things that you don’t see when you’re in your seat and it helps me.’ […] ‘I have no life at this point. I go home, get treatment, come back in here, study tape, film. No life at all. This is what it is.’ … ‘When we win I’m having a lot of fun. When we lose it’s a tough day.'”