Kevin Garnett to Sit Out for Two Games?

by February 15, 2012

Kevin Garnett hurt his hip against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, and he may be in street clothes for a couple of games. From the Boston Herald: “Though Kevin Garnett has been the picture of endurance compared to some of his teammates this season, it was his turn in the rotation to get sidelined [Tuesday]. The Celtics forward, who suffered a hip flexor injury during Sunday’s win over Chicago, missed [Tuesday’s] practice, and could miss at least two games, including tomorrow night’s against Detroit, as a result. […] As a sign of just how debilitating this season has been for the Celtics, Garnett was the only player to appear in all 27 games. ‘It started for Kevin during the game the other day,’ said Doc Rivers. ‘Kevin has a 50-50 chance (tomorrow night). He’s the best of the three, but all are doubtful. It’s nothing bad with Kevin, but Eddie (trainer Lacerte) suggested two days off, and then he said today maybe even three days off,’ he said.”