Kevin Garnett Wants to Retire as a Boston Celtic

When Rajon Rondo went down with a season-ending knee injury, most observers assumed that the Boston Celtics would implode almost immediately. The exact opposite has happened — they’re thriving, and trade talk increasingly sounds like crazy talk at the moment. Kevin Garnett, following his historic night, told the media (in his own colourfully inimitable way) that he doesn’t want to play anywhere else but Beantown as his career winds down. Per WEEI: “There has been plenty of speculation in the last week, linking Garnett’s name to trade rumors involving the Clippers and, most recently, the Nuggets. Garnett, one of the most sensitive and informed superstars in the league, took the opportunity – unsolicited – to remind everyone of his intentions. ‘On a last note, I just want to say I love my situation here,’ said Garnett, who has a full no-trade clause and can veto any deal the Celtics may encounter heading toward the Feb. 21 trade deadline. ‘I don’t know what y’all’s sources are or whoever is making up these bulls**t articles about me getting traded to Denver and all these other places. I bleed green and I continue to do that. If it’s up to me, I’m going to retire a Celtic. I just want y’all to know that. Keep it real.’ Minutes earlier, when asked what kind of message a six-game winning streak sends Celtics GM Danny Ainge about keeping the team together, Garnett offered this: ‘I don’t know what Danny and upper management has up their sleeves as far as making this team better,’ Garnett said. ‘But we, as players, can only control us. Right now, we are in a rhythm; we are moving the ball. I know I kind of sound like a broken record but we are continuing to consolidate the ball and everybody’s touching the ball and playing with a lot of confidence. We are playing together on both ends and that’s important right now.'”