Kevin Garnett Went to a ‘Dark Place’ After Game 7

by October 05, 2010

KG wasn’t in the mood for too much conversation following the devastating Finals loss to the Lakers, and admits to WEEI that he knows he’s an a**hole on the court. SRI has the quotes: “On the off-season after losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals: ‘Very dark, to be honest, dark. ‘Just leave me alone, let me be my myself. I don’t want to deal with anything right now. Let me just be in a dark place.’ Just the way I replay the game over and over in my mind, trying to get a resolution to some type of place to where you can settle with it. I never found it, but that’s what it is. I say it’s fuel to the fire. [Expletive? (Bleeped completely out].’ On if he would like him if he were on the other team? ‘I’d think I was an a**hole, because I’m misunderstood. I’m serious. I’m not out on the court making friends. I’m not out there patting guys on the back. I’m trying to bust yo’ ass, period, point blank. When I hit the floor, I’m a certain kind of way, and I never have any excuses for that.'”