Kevin Love ‘Caught Off Guard’ But Has No Problem With LeBron James

by February 11, 2015

LeBron James sent out a cryptic message about fitting in last weekend, which he later admitted was aimed at teammate Kevin Love.

James quickly backtracked once it mushroomed into a story, and Love says there’s no friction between him and LeBron.

James doesn’t feel a need to clarify his remarks.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

“I was caught off-guard when I heard about it,” Love said Tuesday. “We’re teammates, we see each other, there’s no problem with us.”


“I’m not sugarcoating or hiding behind it,” said James, who said he didn’t feel he needed to discuss the matter with Love. “I gotta see him every day, so if I have something to say to him, I’ll say it to his face. The rest of the guys, too. … I would hope they would come to me as well.”


Love was asked directly if he felt James’ tweet was attributed to him and his October comments. […] “I don’t know,” he said. “I truly feel if LeBron had a problem with me or had to talk to me for good or worse, he would’ve come up and talked to me.”