Kevin Love: ‘I’m Not a Stretch-Four, I’m a Post Player Who Can Shoot’

by March 08, 2015


Since joining the Cavaliers, Kevin Love has been a topic of much discussion, given his unique skillset and his unique teammates—namely LeBron James. And while Love has been hoisting up more three-pointers than ever before in his career of late, he maintains that he’s not a “stretch four.” Is he right? Does it even matter?

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Love is launching 8.1 threes per contest in his last seven games. His highest rate of threes taken in Minnesota was 6.6 last year, and that was along with the inside touches he received. No matter what the statistics suggest, Love is not in agreement on the big-man long distance tag.


“I heard some people calling me that but I know I’m not a stretch-four,” Love told NEOMG. “I’m a post player who can shoot. Right now I’m just doing what I’m called to do. For good, bad or indifferent, I’m playing my role and doing what’s asked of me. Tonight, I stayed out on the perimeter.”