Kevin Love Intrigued By Possible Rick Adelman Hire

There are rumors out there that Rick Adelman is already on the hunt for assistant coaches to take with him to Minny after interviewing with the Wolves, and Kevin Love sounds like he’d welcome Adelman with open arms: “Love: I know [Rick Adelman] very well, as far as a player-coach relationship goes. Obviously I played with his son, Pat, and got to know their entire family very well. I know Mrs. Adelman from being over at their house. I like that you still call his wife ‘Mrs. Adelman.’ That’s respect. Love: ‘I’m just old school like that. That’s how I am. But I’ve been over to Pat’s house in Portland. I’ve had lots of conversations with Rick. I always got to talk shop and basketball with him. Obviously, we’re not best friends or anything, but we have had many, many talks. I always spoke with him after games when we played Houston, and I’d wait outside of the tunnel to say hi to Rick and his wife. Who knows — maybe that will turn into a player-coach relationship.’ Have you talked to Adelman during the coaching search process? Love: ‘I haven’t talked to him at all. I have to let it be. Whatever the front office is going to do, that’s what they’re going to do. I am not partial to any candidate, but it is intriguing to me to possibly be coached by my buddy’s dad. I love his corner offense, with the high post player being a facilitator — to be able to pass from there, run pick-and-rolls and shoot from outside. It is very, very intriguing to think about. But I’m not partial to any side.'”