Kevin Love Takes On Beach Volleyball

by July 26, 2011

Locked out, K-Love has decided to compete in the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series. Love was in New York today (July 26) as a spokesperson for Jose Cuervo (the title sponsor), practicing on a block in Times Square that needed 75 tons of sand and several pro volleyball players. From The Big Lead:

“Love said he is seeking a spot on the Pro Beach Volleyball circuit, which would be a bit outside of his hoops box but not as far as Chad Ochocinco has gone outside of his football box.

‘Ochocinco is in left field – he tries all of the crazy stuff,’ Love said of the wide receiver, who during the NFL lockout tried out for a pro soccer team and rode a bull (momentarily). ‘Volleyball is more my style.’

Although he plays in Minnesota, Love was born and raised in Santa Monica, Calif., played at UCLA and comes with the ultimate beach heritage: He is related to Mike Love a founding member of The Beach Boys. His deal with Jose Curevo is for the duration of the time he is trying out for the Pro Beach Volleyball series, but could be extended if he does make one of the squads and gets to play in the $200,000 Manhattan Beach (Calif.) Open, taking place Aug. 26-28.

‘I want, and all the players want, the lockout to end, but it has to be beneficial [for us],’ he said. Meanwhile, ‘I’m doing this to keep in shape, to get some exposure, to stay active. It’s a lot of fun.’

According to Brian Radics, brand director for Jose Curevo, the brand has been aligned with beach volleyball since 1978. Now, as title sponsor of a new circuit, it will seek to fill a void left vacant when the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) shut down in August 2010. If successful in 2011, the circuit has plans for global expansion next year.

‘Jose Cuervo loves sports, and it’s not in our DNA to stand on the sidelines,’ said Radics, as visitors to Times Square lined up to watch, play and cool down with shots of Jose Cuervo being served by young women dressed for the beach. Then, referring to Love and the NBA lockout, he offered, ‘Jose Cuervo is about never locking out [but] always locking in.’

Is Love serious about this endeavor? ‘I’m training and working hard,’ he said with a smile. ‘I don’t want to embarrass myself.'”