Kevin Martin: ‘I’ll Be Back to My Pre-Wrist-Injury Form’

by September 15, 2010

Martin is making Rockets fans and observers some fairly bold promises. Reports the Houston Chronicle: “One way or another, Kevin Martin pledges to be unrecognizable. Having heard the speculation that the Rockets would be interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony and knowing such a deal might have to include him, Martin made an offer to at least look the part. ‘If Houston wants Carmelo that bad,’ Martin said, ‘on Halloween, if I’m still here, I’ll dress up as Carmelo.’ Martin said that even without the Anthony get-up, he will bear only a vague resemblance to the player who finished last season with the Rockets. ‘I’ll be very different,’ Martin said. ‘I’ll be back to my pre-wrist-injury form. I’m feeling better, more like I was before the injury. That was the main goal, to get back there. My goal when I got traded was to fit in with a great group of guys, not try to be that person that came in here thinking he was going to take every shot. That fitting-in phase is definitely over. Now I’m ready to get back to being myself. Nobody has seen the real me yet. I’m ready to take off.'”