Keyon Dooling Wants the Miami Heat to ‘Keep Complaining’ to Refs

Taking a page out of teammate Rajon Rondo’s trash talk playbook, Keyon Dooling said he hopes that the Miami Heat keep whining for calls from referees. It’s to the Celtics’ advantage, according to Dooling. Per SRI (via 98.5 the Sports Hub): “On Miami complaining to the officials: ‘I want them to keep complaining. That’s fine with me. I hope they break that habit after this series so we can continue to take advantage of our fast break opportunities. Don’t let the cat out of the bag. Let them keep complaining.’ Whether he always saw this kind of complaining from the players on the Heat: ‘When we see them complaining it means they’re frustrated. That means we’re doing our job, that means we’re aggravating them on defense, we’re agitating, we’re contesting shots and that means we’re making things hard for them so I kind of like to see that but it’s been a frustrating series for them. They thought they were just going to walk in and have their way with us and we saw it a little bit different.'”