KG Doesn’t Care What You Think of Marbury

by March 27, 2009

He’s got his teammate’s back no matter what: “Garnett is well aware of the criticism Marbury has received at various NBA stops. In fact, it’s likely he had his own bone to pick when the point guard left him and the Wolves to pursue glory on warmer stages. But Garnett insists that none of what he’s heard can alter his impression. ‘That’s what you hold onto,’ he said. ‘Someone can have an opinion. It don’t make or break what you know about that person. I feel like as youths, as young guys – especially in the early parts of our career – opportunity-wise we could have did a lot of special things. But individually guys have different things they want to obtain in this league and they want in this league. So I chalked it up. Then I used to see him in the media. I never played in New York. I never experienced that. For whatever reason, it was what it was. I never assessed it, never talked about it. It was none of my business. I just watched it from the side and just knew that the Steph I know is sometimes not the same person that people perceive or put out there.'”