KG Wants to Be a Timberwolf, Says Owner

by July 17, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Glen Taylor, Timberwolves team owner, says that KG loves playing in Minny.

The Timberwolves kept star Kevin Garnett apprised of trade inquiries before the recent NBA draft, but Garnett expressed a preference to remain in Minnesota.

“His preference was that we not trade him,” Wolves owner Glen Taylor said.

(We don’t believe you. You need more people!)

-Desmond Mason, is close to returning to Milwaukee. You see, Yi, it’s not such a bad place.

-Some thoughts on how to fix the sinking ship that is the Miami Heat. Personally, I’d hire SLAM Online reader ‘white hot eboy’. He seems to know the score.

-Vassilis Spanoulis doesn’t want any part of the NBA, and would like San Antonio to release him from his contract.

“He loves (the) Spurs, but he desperately wants to stay in Europe,” Spanoulis’ agent, Miodrag Raznatovic, wrote in an e-mail. “If somebody does not want to play for such a great team, coach and organization as S.A. is, it’s probably clear that he really must stay in Europe. We hope that S.A. will respect his wish.”

(Hey, I’d choose Europe over San Antonio, too.)

-Jesus, I didn’t even realize that Jayson Williams’s manslaughter trial was still going on.