Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive: ‘All the Mistakes Are My Mistakes’

During a recent interview, Vivek Ranadive threw a bunch of former employees under the bus, and now he’s saying that he’s sorry.

The Sacramento Kings owner accepts the blame for his team’s shortcomings.

Ranadive had claimed that former head coach George Karl attempted to trade All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins, and got an angry rebuttal from former GM Geoff Petrie.

Per the Sac Bee:

The entire matter was immature, unseemly and utterly unnecessary. This was a college 101 course on revisionist history, a my-turn, your-turn recitation of events that occurred roughly 3 1/2 years ago – a lifetime in professional sports – and at the end of the most emotionally exhausting, even debilitating period in Kings history.


Before delving into the details, here is the latest update: Ranadive – who initiated the spat early last week by claiming, among other things, that none of the coaches or the general manager wanted to remain with the franchise he purchased from the Maloofs in May 2013 – contacted The Bee late Friday and offered what sounded like a combination act of contrition and concession speech.


“I wanted to sincerely apologize to Geoff Petrie and his team,” the owner began, speaking softly. “I meant no disrespect. I have the utmost respect for what they have done for the franchise and what they have accomplished. I fully understand that it’s a huge privilege to own a basketball team, and as chairman of the ownership, the buck stops with me. I accept responsibility for everything. All the mistakes are my mistakes.”