Kings to Reportedly Offer DeMarcus Cousins a $200-Million Deal

by January 09, 2017

The Sacramento Kings reportedly plan to make DeMarcus Cousins a $200 million man next summer.

The 26-year-old All-Star center has this season and next remaining on his current deal.

Boogie recently said he plans to remain in Sac-Town for the remainder of his career.


The Kings, as you surely know by now, are openly desperate to bring their 10-season playoff drought to a halt. Those who know Sacramento best continue to say that, as long as the West’s No. 8 seed remains within the Kings’ sights, they’ll be increasingly reluctant to part with their All-Star ‎center.


But sources also say that the Kings, at season’s end, want to pitch Cousins on a long-term partnership in the summertime, knowing he’s going to be eligible in July for a Designated Player Extension that ‎could make him one of a handful of $200 million players league wide.


The latest signals suggest it would take a monster offer to get the Kings to tweak those plans.

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