Klay Thompson Says Tony Allen Not in His Head: ‘Come on, Man’

The Memphis Grizzlies earned a split after taking Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors in their Western Conference semifinal series, behind Mike Conley’s triumphant return and Tony Allen’s stellar defense.

The Grindfather, mister “FIRST TEAM ALL-DEFENSE” himself, held Klay Thompson to a mere 13 points (on just 6-of-15 shooting) and forced him into five turnovers. But Thompson insists that Allen isn’t affecting his confidence.

With the series now shifting to Memphis for games 3 and 4, the Warriors say there’s no need to panic.

Per CSN Bay Area:

Asked about that notion after practice Thursday, Thompson went silent, wincing and rolling his eyes. […] “You know what I think now? That’s all I’ve got to say,” he finally said. “In my head? Come on, man.”


Which is not to say Thompson’s skull has not been a hive of activity. For a full 36 hours, he rewound and reviewed his unsatisfying individual performance in Tuesday night’s Game 2 loss to Memphis. […] “We showed him a few things on tape, just like we showed everybody,” coach Steve Kerr said Thursday, after the team spent more than two hours studying video and practicing on the court.


He stands corrected. Thompson realizes he too often forgot about the principles of the offense, the flowing ball movement and the crisp, basic passes. He was chief among the Warriors caught up in one-on-one action, trying to make something good happen, rather than allow something great to develop. […] “That’s what I saw today watching film,” Thompson said. “So in the future, just make the simple play.”