Klay Thompson: Warriors ‘Want to Finish it’ in Cleveland

by June 09, 2017

The Golden State Warriors are unbeaten in the NBA Playoffs, and plan to etch their names in the history books in Cleveland tonight.

“We want to finish it here,” Klay Thompson said.

The Dubs’ 15-0 postseason record is the longest streak for any team in the four major pro sports.

Per the AP:

“I never been in this position before,” said Durant, long accused of not being able to win the big game. “I don’t want to relax. It’s not over. This is a crazy game. Anything can happen. So I don’t want to relax or feel like it’s over, it’s not.”


Klay Thompson added 30 points and Stephen Curry had 26 (in Game 3) for this California Dream Team now one win from its second title in three years.


If not for their meltdown last year, the Warriors, whose record-setting 73-win season got lost in the Finals aftermath, would be looking for a third straight crown.


“We talked about it since the Finals last year that the last season was a very unique year, for a lot of different reasons, and we learned a lot,” Curry said. “I think we have grown and matured just mentally of how to just pace yourself through this long year and take every day as a new experience and something that you can kind of take control of.”