Knicks Fans Launch Website to Get James Dolan to Sell the Team

by February 10, 2015

The already poisonous relationship between Knicks fans and the third-worst owner in professional sports, James Dolan, reached previously unthinkable levels of hate today, when a group of disgruntled Knicks fans announced a media campaign that looks to shame James Dolan into selling the team., is a detailed website created by a group of friends from New Jersey aimed at highlighting all of the lowlights that have hit the Knicks since James Dolan took over as owner. It’s an encyclopedia of Knicks ineptitude, complete with a wall of shame breaking down every terrible decision the Knicks have made over the past decade. The website has been generating some buzz, and the campaign has some serious goals.

“The campaign, which also features a Twitter and a Facebook account, hopes to raise $20,000 in donations to pay for a billboard on 30th Street and Seventh Avenue near Madison Square Garden.”

The people responsible for the website, brothers Jason  and Jared Koeppel, along with friends Greg Kohler and Dan Filowitz have a track record of getting people to lose their jobs. The same group was responsible for, which called for the ouster of since-fired Jets GM John Idzik.

Now they turn their sights on James Dolan, who has been going through an especially difficult week. An e-mail Dolan wrote to another disgruntled Knicks fan (most Knicks fans are disgruntled at this point) went viral earlier this week. In it Dolan called a fan “an alcoholic” and told him to “root for the Nets because the Knicks don’t want you.” Finally the All-Star Game will be held at Madison Square Garden later this week, but Carmelo Anthony may not play after aggravating his knee again in a loss to Miami last night. Also, the Knicks are 10-42, in the middle of quite possibly the worst season in team history. #Knickstape indeed.

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