Knicks’ Plan B Includes: Iguodala, Varejao, Gibson?

by December 22, 2010

Should Melo sign anywhere else, ESPN takes a guess at what the Knicks might do: “So if the Knicks can’t trade for Anthony by the Feb. 24 trade deadline, they’ve got two other potential Plan Bs in mind. In one, they may go after Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala, who would seem to fit nicely in Mike D’Antoni’s system. Eddy Curry’s expiring contract and one other player might be enough to pry Iguodala away from the Sixers, though Philadelphia doesn’t want to give away its top player in a mere salary dump. The Knicks’ other scenario would potentially bring Cleveland’s proven role players Anderson Varejao and Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson to Madison Square Garden. The Knicks are aware of their need for more toughness inside and Varejao would provide that. And Gibson could fill the backup point guard spot the Knicks have been looking to upgrade. The Knicks are weighing whether those two options are better than what they could get on next summer’s free agent market.”