Kobe Bryant Blames the Media for Only Winning One MVP

by February 23, 2015

Kobe Bryant guest-hosted “The Grantland Basketball Hour” Sunday night, and was his usual forthcoming and candid self.

Bryant was there to promote his upcoming documentary, and touched on the usual Kobe-centric subjects — Shaquille O’Neal, Phil Jackson, the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles, the 81-point game, Karl Malone, etc.

The Black Mamba argues that it’s the media’s fault he only has a single regular season NBA Most Valuable Player award (2008) to his name:

“Because the media votes on it.”


“It was never a mission of mine to win a lot of MVPs. It was to win a lot of championships.”


“With that being said, does it bother me? Yeah, it bothers me. Of course it bothers me.”