Kobe Bryant Face Mask Expected to Sell for Over $50K

Dwyane Wade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose and gave him a concussion during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, forcing The Black Mamba to rock a face mask for a few games.

The item is now up for auction, and expected to fetch over $50,000.

Another Kobe mask has already sold for $67K.

Per Gold Auctions:

“In order to make the mask, a molding of Kobe’s face had to be made. Kobe had to sit for several minutes while the mold was applied and hardened. Once the mold was created, the mask was formed.


The mask originally had two straps; one that wrapped around behind his head, and another which wrapped over the top. Kobe did not like the strap over the top of his head so the team had to remove it. This is the reason why you still see a small round metal piece at the forehead of the mask. The small metal piece is where the over-the-head strap was anchored.


One main complaint that Kobe had with the mask was that it kept fogging up. In an attempt to remedy the problem, the team decided to add four small silicone dots at specific pressure areas to help reduce the fogging effect. Unfortunately it was not successful, so we had to remove the dots, some of the adhesive remained stuck to the mask, we had to use a small electric shaver in order to remove the remaining adhesive, and this is why one can see 4 areas of uneven surfaces inside the mask.”

Kobe Bryant Didn’t Enjoy Playing With a Face Mask