Kobe Bryant Isn’t Ready to Pass the Torch to Anyone

Apologies to DRose and the rest of the L’s young stars, but they’ll have to rip it from Kobe’s cold, dead hands. From the Chicago Tribune: “When the Lakers beat the Bulls in Los Angeles last month, Kobe Bryant had a private conversation with Derrick Rose afterward. Asked if that conversation might have any symbolic passing of the torch undertones to it, Bryant flashed his legendary competitiveness. ‘Oh, sure, but I ain’t passing (expletive),’ Bryant said. Asked if Rose has to come take the torch from Bryant, the Lakers’ superstar smiled. ‘He can certainly try,’ Bryant said. Otherwise, Bryant lauded Rose’s development and noted his developing killer instinct: “I just told him to stay healthy and continue the job he’s doing,’ Bryant said of their November postgame talk. ‘I don’t think you can develop (a killer instinct). You either have it or you don’t. He’s had it since he was in high school. That quality separates players I think. With players of equal ability, it’s about the engine you have inside. It certainly gives him an edge.'”