Kobe Bryant Says Lakers ‘Shouldn’t Need Recruiting’ For Free Agents To Come

by February 16, 2018
Kobe Bryant lakers free agent

Kobe Bryant says that a free agent who needs convincing to become a Laker “ain’t the one to be here.”

In an interview with ESPN’s Jalen Rose, Kobe said the right free agent wants the pressure of carrying on the Laker legacy (starting at 4:43):

“The thing about this franchise is that you shouldn’t need recruiting to come here. It takes a special person to want to play for this franchise and take the pressure that comes along with playing for this franchise.

“The pressure of following Magic’s footsteps, and myself, and the dynasty that we’ve had. It takes a special person to do that.

“If I need to convince you to come here to carry that legacy forward, you ain’t the one to be here.”

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