Kobe Bryant: Lakers Will Play ‘Ugly’ Basketball

by December 26, 2011

The Los Angeles Lakers experienced a major collapse late in their season-opening loss to the Chicago Bulls, and Kobe Bryant says that his team will play ugly ball on both ends of the court in 2012. From the LA Times: “In the final seconds of what had been three hours worth of jingle bell rock, the metaphor was as plain as the gasp that silenced it. Kobe Bryant was trapped. The Lakers’ best player held the ball and a chance to clinch a rousing opening-day Christmas victory against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, but he was trapped. There were 20 ticks remaining. The Lakers led by one point. Bryant was surrounded by Bulls. His coach said he should have waited to get fouled. Bryant said he didn’t have a choice. Bryant tried to throw the ball to someone, but nobody was there. The pass was stolen. Derrick Rose sank a running hook shot. The Lakers lost. And Kobe Bryant is still trapped. For all the good Lakers feelings that emerged from their 88-87 loss Sunday — this Mike Brown guy has fitted them with fists and scowls and defense — there was one siren of doom. Bryant needs help, the Lakers need another skilled player, and they need one soon, or they won’t simply bore us to death, they will also lose a bunch of games while doing it. ‘It’s going to be ugly,’ Bryant said. ‘We’re going to be grinding it out.'”