Kobe Bryant Says Foot ‘Strong’, is a Game-Time Decision

by October 30, 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers still have no idea if Kobe Bryant will play tonight, and neither does he. But Bryant thinks his injured right foot is gaining strength. Per KB’s Facebook page: “Getting stronger. Not sure what it means for tomorrow night just yet but it’s much better than it was a week ago when I could barely walk. I hate not practicing. It drives me crazy! The training staff has been great. Mr. Laker, Gary Vitti, and the great Judy Seto (the first female trainer in the NBA) have been working their magic. I will know more after shoot around tomorrow am. It’s still painful to raise up on my toes but, it’s strong. The decision to be made is whether the injury can heal while playing on it or if it will make it worse. Either way, I’m excited about the start of the season. Hopefully we can win a game or two finally.”