Kobe Bryant Says He’s Mike Brown’s ‘Biggest Supporter’

by November 09, 2012

A bemused Kobe Bryant was shown video of his icy death stare at Mike Brown, but the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar guard backed his coach (just like upper management did, as they continue to ask for more patience), and said he’s not mad at one person in particular. From Lakers Nation: “Well, at practice Thursday, several reporters decided to show Kobe the video of his supposed ‘death stare’ circulating around the internet. He was slightly amused. ‘I don’t give a [expletive] how it’s interpreted. I’m too old to deal with that stuff, I really am.’ Despite Kobe having his worst regular season start ever (1-4) as a Laker, Bryant also negated any hostility towards coach Mike Brown. ‘I’ve been his biggest supporter. You would be frustrated to lose a game…It has nothing to do with one particular person…’ […] ‘God people are boring….maybe because we lost, that probably has something to do with it.'”