Kobe Bryant Says ‘Only an Idiot’ Would Doubt His Return from Knee Injury

by December 20, 2013

Despite going down so soon after fighting back from a torn Achilles, Kobe Bryant remains defiant. The 35-year old Black Mamba vows to return to the court with a vengeance, and dares anyone to doubt his ability to live up to that promise. Per Yahoo! Sports:

Before the natural anguish of learning that his left knee had suffered a fracture, a most improbable sense washed over Kobe Bryant: relief.

“Lucky it wasn’t a meniscus,” Bryant said on Thursday afternoon.

[…] The walls are closing, his path to restoration never so perilous, and yet here was Kobe Bryant on Thursday afternoon making clear his belief on those who’d dare doubt his resolve again.

“Only an idiot would,” Bryant said.

For those who believed Bryant had come back too soon from the Achilles tear, these several weeks promise to give the tendon more time to recuperate, more time to strengthen again.

“This could be his best chance to come back stronger,” his longtime trainer Tim Grover said on Thursday.