Kobe Bryant Says Right Wrist is Healing

by January 12, 2012

Kobe Bryant’s back-to-back 40+ points games have pushed him into the scoring lead in the NBA, and the bad news for the rest of the League is that his injured wrist is actually improving (largely thanks to round-the-clock treatment.) Not that Bryant necessarily cares either way. Per the OC Register: “Even as he revealed his seemingly good news about the wrist improving despite all this abuse he has put it through to stand as the NBA’s 33-year-old scoring leader, Bryant practically scoffed late Wednesday night at the actual importance of him being 100 percent again. ‘I scored back-to-back 40’s with a (bleeped)-up wrist,’ Bryant said, his eyes still gleaming at the just-completed achievement. ‘What does it matter if it’s still (bleeped)-up in the playoffs?’ No one had scored 40 points all season until Bryant put up 48 on Phoenix and then 40 in Utah. It had taken nearly twice as long as the shortest previous time at the start of an NBA season for any player to get 40, yet here was Bryant carpal-tunneling his way to double trouble on consecutive nights. The feat felt so sweet, especially with the Lakers having won four consecutive games to leave 4-4 far behind, that Bryant wasn’t all that excited about the wrist healing. But it is. ‘It’s getting better now,’ he said. ‘It’s already getting better. I’ve played so many games; I’ve gotten hit on it so many times. And it’s still improving. So I’ll be fine.’ Will it be healed in weeks or …? ‘Does it matter? The time schedule? It’ll get better eventually. I don’t know when.’ By the playoffs … ‘By the playoffs, it should be fine.’”