Kobe Bryant is ‘Scared’ of Life After Basketball

by July 21, 2014

Coming off a pair of devastating injuries, Kobe Bryant enters the twilight of hoops career more uncertain than ever about what the future holds. In a promotional appearance for his new documentary, Kobe Bryant’s Muse, The Black Mamba admitted that he’s a bit concerned regarding his rapidly approaching post-NBA life. Per the AP:

Kobe Bryant says he’s “scared” about his future after basketball, although he’s embracing the challenge of finding something that he can be as passionate about as sports.


“It’s a fascinating time to be around this guy,” said Gotham Chopra, who directed the film. “There’s this sort of looking forward to life after basketball. This is a guy that’s asking a lot of questions.”


“I’m afraid, too,” he said Friday at the summer TV critics’ meeting. “You really have to lean on muses and mentors going forward, just as I did as a kid. It’s about having that next wave of things, which is scary as hell, but it’s fun at the same time.”