Kobe Bryant Surprised By Contract Kwame Brown Got From Sixers

Kobe Bryant was in a joking mood this week, and his zingers weren’t reserved solely for Smush Parker. Bryant also talked about Kwame Brown, another infamous teammate who he can’t believe is still cashing large NBA checks. From the LA Times: “He couldn’t understand how Brown could sign with the Philadelphia 76ers this off-season to a two-year, $6-million deal. ‘I don’t know how he convinced Philadelphia to cough up $7 million a year,’ said Bryant, slightly inflating Brown’s salary. ‘They want to lock us out, but they’ll pay him $7 million.’ Another reporter relayed to Bryant that Brown said last year he taught former Lakers center Andrew Bynum ‘everything he knows.’ ‘You know what, he may have showed Andrew a couple of things though, especially on screen-and-roll coverages and one-on-one defense. Offensively? No way,’ Bryant said. ‘Kwame, he’s a great defensive player. He’s one of the best defensive big men I’ve ever seen. But in terms of offense, he was challenged.’ Another reporter sarcastically gave Brown credit for at least stepping foot on the court even if his mind wasn’t always there. ‘He was present,’ Bryant said with a smirk. ‘He was there.’ … ‘So it was like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’?’ another reporter asked. Bryant laughed. ‘Exactly,’ he said.'”