Kobe Bryant: ‘You Can’t Beat Me in June’

by February 22, 2011

Despite their stumbles heading into the All-Star break, Kobe, Phil and the rest of the Lakers say they’re ready for the remainder of the season. They’re certainly not lacking for confidence. From ESPN: “I’m concerned but it’s no different than last season or the season before that,’ Bryant said. ‘There’s always concern, look at San Antonio, they have the same level of concern we do. Just like things are rolling, things can fall apart. Everybody is concerned at this point.’ With 25 games left in the season, the Lakers (38-19) currently have the third best record in the West and the sixth best record in the league. While they might not be able to catch the 46-10 Spurs for the top spot in the league, the Lakers are within four games of claiming the second best record in the league, which would at least give them home court in the Finals if they are able to get past the Spurs … [Phil] Jackson said the Lakers’ place in the standings and the amount of games left in the season should raise the urgency of a team which has looked bored at times this season waiting for the playoff to come around … When Bryant was asked how he feels about being an elder statesman he simply laughed. ‘It doesn’t matter to me,’ he said. ‘You can’t beat me in June. All the other stuff doesn’t matter.'”