Kobe Bryant’s Index Finger Still Bothering Him?

by September 24, 2010

According to the OC Register, Bryant’s infamously troublesome digit isn’t in much better shape than when we last saw it in June: “Despite some speculation that he’d have surgery to fix the right index finger that he called a ‘constant battle’ for him last season, that didn’t happen. That’s because surgery wouldn’t really fix an arthritic finger that has so little cartilage with which to work, something Bryant found out even before July rolled around. You don’t usually have surgery when you have arthritis anyway … So he has been diligently doing what he can for the finger, even if it’s about as exciting as kneading dough. An array of finger exercises is making the best of a tough situation, improving Bryant’s range of motion and strength. The finger feels better than it did in June — and perhaps Bryant’s daughters have come to be connoisseurs of finger puppetry — but the finger also hasn’t had any 250-pound, hard-fouling dudes hacking it to make it swell.The reality is that Bryant isn’t necessarily much better off than before, because this is a chronic situation. Arthritis is the wearing down of the cartilage in the joints, and the middle knuckle on Bryant’s index finger is flat-out worn down.”