Kobe Bryant’s Memorabilia Auctioned For $450,000

by July 20, 2013

After Kobe Bryant’s parents tried to sell more than 100 of his possessions, Kobe (who wanted to keep his items) and the company that was auctioning off the memorabilia settled on a deal one week before the two sides were due to go to trial. The agreement allowed the sale of six items in an auction that ended Saturday morning. In total, the memorabilia sold for $450,000. Per ESPN: “Kobe Bryant items brought in big money in an auction that ended early Saturday morning. A duplicate of his 2000 Los Angeles Lakers championship ring, gifted to his father Joe, sold for $174,184. A version in a smaller size, made for his mother Pam, went for $108,153. Other items that commanded top dollar in the sale, conducted by New Jersey-based Goldin Auctions, included Bryant’s 2000 NBA All-Star ring ($55,597), and two of his game-used high school uniforms ($50,150 and $41,694). The items, consigned by his parents, turned into a legal battle when Bryant found out they were selling the nearly 100 items that he said were not theirs to sell. Documents provided to the auction company by the Bryant’s had said otherwise. Eventually, a settlement was reached that resulted in about 90 percent of the items being pulled out of the auction. When reached early Saturday morning, Bryant said he would have no comment on the sale. The ring presented to his father commanded great interest partly because it was in the exact size of Kobe’s ring (11½).”