Kobe Fires Back at Smush

It took a while, but here it is: “I asked Bryant some questions about what life is like as a frustrated star in the NBA and it led to a pretty good exchange. Keep in mind that Bryant and [Deron] Williams were USA Basketball teammates the past two summers…Q: From that situation two years ago that you went through, is it something that you realize you have just to bite your tongue through. A: ‘First of all, Deron’s not even close to that situation. What I’m saying is he’s got a little bit better cast than I did. It’s not dire straits for him. If you’re asking me if I feel bad for him? Absolutely not. No way.’ Q: Is it a better situation to keep your mouth shut and just let the organization handle things? A: ‘He’s fine, he’s fine. You know, just continue to play. They have some talented players there, they have a great coach. They’ll be fine.’ Then came the kicker from Bryant: ‘It’s not even close. They don’t even have Smush Parker on their team. It’s not even close.'”