Kyle Korver: Wrigley Field Groundskeeper for a Day

Kyle Korver helped out a charitable cause, by doing groundskeeping work at a Chicago Cubs game yesterday. From BDL: “Korver spent the day helping out around the ballpark, much of which was spent helping out the groundskeepers. Korver also spent at least some time serving dessert to fans in the stands. Pay attention to that last bit, because it’s one of the few times you’ll see the shot-happy Korver register an assist. Before you get any ideas, it should be noted that Korver’s time as a menial laborer appears to be tied to his charity work with Seer Outfitters, although further details have not come out quite yet. (On top of that, he has a previous relationship with the Cubs.) I’m not sure exactly how Korver’s raking of the mound will help kids in need, but if it’s for a good cause then who cares.”