Kyrie Irving: I’m Not LeBron James

by May 18, 2011

The Cleveland Cavaliers will likely try and sell their rookie as the team’s new savior, but Kyrie Irving is smart enough to put any comparisons to the town’s old hoops hero to bed. From the AP: “The Timberwolves continued their unbelievable lottery losing streak, falling to 0 for 14 and dropping for the eighth time. They had a 25 percent chance of winning after finishing with a league-worst 17-65 record. Instead, the luck went to the Cavs, who are used to playing deep in the playoffs and hope they won’t have to worry about this trip again. Besides Nick Gilbert, the Cavs also brought along current Cleveland Browns players Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden, dressed in the Cavs’ wine and gold jerseys, and former Browns star Bernie Kosar for good luck. They will likely decide between point guard Kyrie Irving of Duke or Arizona forward Derrick Williams as the top pick. ‘I don’t think you can make comparisons to me and LeBron,’ said Irving, who attended the lottery. ‘One, I’m not 6-8. Two, I’m not a high flyer and three, my name isn’t LeBron James. Honestly, you can’t make those comparisons yet. I think I would bring a different feel to the Cleveland organization if they do decide to take me.'”