Kyrie Irving: One Championship Not Enough

Kyrie Irving went back out to the court for some extra shooting following a demoralizing loss in San Antonio earlier this week, and emerged with plenty of resolve heading into the postseason.

Irving isn’t satisfied with a single NBA title—he’s gunning for many, many more.

The 25-year-old assassin says the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers need to regain their joy on the court.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

Asked how this challenge compares to being down 3-1 to the Warriors in the 2016 Finals, Irving said, “It’s no comparison, man, because it’s so different. The emotion is different. Everyone has grown. Everyone has kind of gone their own way and now we’re coming to a head where we’ve got to figure it out. It’s natural for human beings to just get comfortable, just to have an excuse, just to rely on just having won a championship. But if you a m****f****, you want two, you want three, you want four, like you say you do. And I want more. I’m going to go take it. My job as one of the leaders on the team is to bring my guys with me.”


“If we start listening to a lot of outside noise, then it could get even uglier,” Irving said of that pressure. “The greatest thing about it is you have a chance to make an impact that any given moment could change the whole framework of it. I think that’s what we’re trying to do. I know everyone’s engaged, and we want to win another championship. It may be a very different journey. It’s been a crazy, crazy season. But we’re going to face a lot bigger things than we’re facing now and we’ve got to understand that.”


Irving said the Cavs have to get back to “having fun with one another and being truthful with one another.” While that sounds like a chemistry issue, Irving is also motivated to help the Cavs replicate their play from a league-best 9-2 February.

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