Kyrie Irving Reportedly Close to Firing His Agent

by February 03, 2014

There’s no end to the mess in Cleveland. Rumors continue to swirl around frustrated star point guard Kyrie Irving, who is reportedly looking to change representation (and possibly force his way out of town). Per the NY Daily News:

Kyrie Irving is close to firing his agent, Jeff Wechsler, according to a league source. We hear part of the reason Irving is seeking a new rep is that he intends on leaving the Cavs, while Wechsler wants him to stay. As we reported at the start of the season, Irving wants to come back home to the New York area — he’s from West Orange, N.J. — and play for the Knicks. Lord knows they could use an All-Star talent at point guard, and Irving will be headed for his first starting assignment in an All-Star game in a couple of weeks.