Kyrie Irving Wants to Be the NBA’s Best Player

by October 01, 2013

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

Much like it did for the other 29 teams in the NBA, optimism ruled during Media Day in Cleveland.

Andrew Bynum promised that we’d see him on the court at some point this season, Jarrett Jack talked about the Cavaliers winning a championship (and kept a straight face while he spoke), and Kyrie Irving revealed the high expectations he has for himself.

The stud point guard says his goal is to become the League’s best player, and Irving knows that can only be accomplished by winning, and winning a lot.

Per the Plain Dealer:

The best: Not to be outdone by a teammate making bold proclamations, All-Star guard Kyrie Irving revealed his own personal goal for this season: “To be the best player in this league. That’s it,” he said. Asked how he plans to accomplish that feat, Irving admitted that personal accolades can come only with the success of his team.

“A lot of wins. A lot of consistency,” he said. “A lot of selfless acts for myself in order to make this team great. Great players on great teams, in order to be the best, I have to win with my team. I’ve put a lot of hard work in this off-season with my teammates, and I feel we have the pieces to do something special this year.”

Kyrie is one of the best point guards on the planet, and clearly believes he can reach a much higher level of play. He’s tasked with helping head coach Mike Brown turn around a squad that finished 24-58 last season, and push it back into the Playoffs.

Hope and the pressure to win are very much back in Cleveland.